Small Business Web Design

What’s the problem with small business and websites in Australia?

According to the MYOB Business Monitor Report in February 2011 only 35% of the Australian businesses surveyed had a website and only 18% use social media for business purposes.

While that figure might seem extremely small to those of us involved in internet marketing, one only has to walk around a shopping mall or high street to see the many small businesses, all the hair salons, cafes, mechanics, pharmacies and so many more who probably all use internet banking and eBay yet who have not yet taken the step of putting their business online.

Interestingly, the same survey points to a finding that those businesses with websites are performing better than those without and lots of businesses agree they would actually do more business if they put some effort into online marketing.

So what is it about small business and websites that causes the obvious disconnect?

Is it a fear of doing “computer stuff” or of the public profile that goes with a website? A fear of the costs involved? Is it a feeling that their existing “word of mouth” referred business is enough marketing and will always be enough?

Running a website does not need to be complicated, most of the services aimed at small businesses these days require little more skill than say writing an email or updating your Facebook status. As for the public profile, well that is what business is all about!

Small business websites do not need to be expensive either. If you have the necessary skills you can go it alone or you can talk to a web designer who specialises in small business and understands the need for cost effectiveness.

As for that word of mouth referral business volume, is it always going to be there? What if a regular client mentions you to a potential customer who then tries to ‘Google’ you?

Maybe it’s just unfamiliarity with the functions a business website might have for your small business?

A small business website can be an ecommerce website actively selling products 24 hours a day or it could be an informational website displaying your services to your potential customers, along with your contact details, testimonials from happy customers and your guarantee policy.

A website can also be an integral component of your customer service e.g. displaying product information, showing off your best work, displaying instructions, frequently asked questions, new offers, special deals etc. Good information filled websites are popular with so many businesses. These types of websites can also be useful when looking to establish authority in your particular area of business.

We’re biased of course but we find it hard to see why more small businesses are not already on the web particularly when its so possible to have a perfectly functional yet cheap website design! If you or a friend would like to discuss the possibility of getting online just contact us to speak with our friendly staff for a free consultation. They understand not everyone is a tech-head!

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