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“So what’s the catch?

There is one catch. You need to apply. You may be thinking “the base website product and service must be extremely limited and there’s obviously no live human service and interaction”. Nope, read on. Our base website will work for 70% of all startups and small businesses. And if you need to expand on the base website product, not only do we make it affordable, we make it easy and incredibly convenient.

“So, How do you do it?” Great question!

Experience and Innovation

We understand websites and we understand what you need. We’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and worked with over 10,000 clients just like you. We have innovated a highly streamlined production process and have a highly experienced team to provide the important human touch to ensure the quality of the product. We already know the solutions that you need and we know the problem and we know how to fix it. We combine the perfect synergy between AI/automatiion and the human touch. AI/automation to save us both time and money and the human touch to ensure your website is tailored to your needs and you get the best professional outcome.

Application Only

Yes, we are serious, you need to apply. This Website Service Is Not For Everyone. At this price point we obviously can’t accommodate every website project, but we believe we can accommodate about 80% of them. This product won’t work for all clients, but it will work for most (list who it will work for and who it wont work for). We are selective as to who can use this service. We know exactly what website projects this product will work for so we are highly specialised ensuring the highest quality in the most efficient production process which gives you the best webste product at the best price. If your application is not successsful/aproved you will not be charged. We have an application process. [Learn about the application process]

We Use Website Templates

The website production process begins with a website template. Why templates are great because they save us time and you money, enable us to pre-build a large amount of features into the website to give you the greatest value possible. We start with templates so we can spend the human time on what’s important so you get the most out of our team. OPtimising our human, time. We then with the human touch construct the functionality, pages and features based on your requirements. And we tailor the colours, fonts and images to optimise your brand. [Pick a template]

The Credit System

We understand that every business and website is slightly different and has different needs and some websites need a little more work than others so we have created a ticketing system that gives you transparency, flexibility and affordability regarding the work we do for your website. This way you never have to pay more than what is actually required. [Learn about the ticketing system]


Base Website - $490
2 Magicdust credits
5 pages of content curation
1 round of revisions
Unlimited pages
Mobile responsive design
Includes free SSL for first year
Blog setup
Easy self-management via website CMS
Initial concepts delivered in 14 days
Contact form
Gallery - up to X images
We will map out your website user experience
Tailored to your business and brand
Existing website page redirects - up to 20 pages
Monthly Service Fee Your ongoing service fee covers x, y and z

Need More? No Problem!

If you need more time spent on your website, more functionality at the beginning or at any time in the life of your website the Magicdust credit system ensures you can get what you need at an affordable rate and only pay for what you need. You get 2 credits with you base website and you get 2 extra credits every month. These credits accumulate and can be used to purchase any of the following, either upfront with you website build or later on when you want to grow your website. One credit equate to approximately 15mins and credits can be purchased in batches of X for $X. All credits last for 6 months.

Add Ons
Extra pages 2 Credits (per page)
Extra revision rounds 2 Credits (per round)
Sales Funnel Page 4 Credits
Custom Form 3 Credits
Ecommerce (up to 10 products only) 10 Credits
Ecommerce - Gift Certificates 1 Credit
Ecommerce - Install Blipstar Store Locator (Not styled) 1 Credit
Ecommerce - Install other embed codes 1 Credit
Gallery with more than 10 images 1 Credit (per 5 images)
Custom Form To Be Quoted
Integrate Mailchimp 1 Credit
Integrate Google Reviews 1 Credit
Integrate IG Feed 1 Credit
Booking Calendar 2 Credits
Configuration of an existing Blog of more than 5 posts To Be Quoted
Install Google Analytics 1 Credit
Install live chat embed 1 Credit
Install Hotjar 1 Credit
Install Mailchimp 1 Credit
Membership - Basic content restriction 20 Credits
Membership - Customer area 30 Credits
Domain Name 2 Credits (12 months)
Logo Design 10 Credits

100% Money Back Guarantee

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  • If you are unhappy with
  • your website during the
  • website design phase.
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