Why having a mobile responsive website is so important?

Today, everyone has smartphones and tablets, and they are constantly communicating and looking for information through these devices. Your website was built at the beginning of the surge in smartphone and tablet use and also before the technology was available to make responsive websites cost effective. Your website is not currently responsive and you are now at a point where not having a responsive website will significantly effect your business’s presence online.

Responsive design means that your website will display appropriately and effectively on all devices – smartphone, tablet and desktop. Your website will “respond” to the device and screen size that it is being viewed in.


The importance of responsive design is most apparent and necessary on mobile devices.

The Effects of Responsive Design on Mobile




As you can see with the above “non responsive design” example, the desktop version of a website is difficult to view and use on a mobile device. The content and navigation are both very small and unreadable. When people are using a mobile device they often want, and expect, to be able to access information quickly and easily. The version that’s not mobile responsive requires the user to pinch or zoom in order to read the content; links are difficult to click, phone numbers are not clickable and contact pages are buried in awkward menus. Users find this a frustrating experience and are likely to leave the website.

Alternatively, the “responsive designed” version is readable and immediately usable. Visitors will also have a more positive experience of your brand when you offer a satisfying mobile friendly user-experience. If your website isn’t responsive designed a significant percentage of visitors are going to abandon your website and go to your competitors. By having a responsive designed website you will increase user engagement which can in turn increase business enquiries and sales.

It is our strong recommendation that you choose to make your website mobile responsive. These are the three main reasons why:


More Mobile Users Than Desktop Users

With over 50% of people now using mobile devices instead of desktops, the majority of users coming to your website are likely to be using a mobile device.


User Experience is Critical

Research shows that if people using a mobile device come to a non-mobile optimised website they will spend less time on your website, engage with the content less, and are more likely to leave your website and go to your competitors.


The Google Penalty

Google is now penalising websites that are not mobile friendly. Google considers it so important, that it will now make your website less visible in the search engine results if it is not mobile friendly.





Our Mobile Responsive Offer

We have an exclusive offer to Magicdust clients on the WordPress platform. We will develop your current website so that it is responsive for the cost of $790 + GST. Nothing will change in terms of the current look and feel of your website, the only difference will be that the layout of your website will now display appropriately and effectively on all screen sizes – smartphone, tablet and desktop.



Before and After’s of Responsive Design on Mobile









– Jordan, from Platinum Wheel Repairs

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