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52 Ways Case Study

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Project Overview

As one of Australia’s most prominent business mentors and tech entrepreneurs, Dale Beaumont is a man with a voice people listen to. It is that voice that has been captured in “52 Ways”, a business blueprint, created by Dale, that has delivered financial success and freedom to many thousands of followers.

Dale came to Magicdust at a time when “52 Ways” was a concept, not yet a household name in Australian business. He needed a fresh brand in which to package his time-tested ideas, as well as a website that would deliver – and sell – his message.

The “52 Ways” website ticks the boxes in a way that Dale can be proud of. Visually appealing. Tick. True to its message. Tick. Mobile-responsive. Tick. A lead-generating machine. Tick. It has become a blueprint itself for great web design, so much so that many of Magicdust’s existing customers are referrals from Dale and the “52 Ways” website.

Image of Dale Beaumont

Three years ago I tried Magicdust and since then haven’t looked back. Magicdust is the way to go.

Dale Beaumont
Founder & CEO, Business Blueprint
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